Does one of these scenarios hit a little too close to home?

Maybe it’s time to consider a vasectomy.

With Gentleman’s Vasectomy, peace of mind is just one no-scalpel procedure away! Our network of amazing providers all over the country are ready for you, wherever you are


You Know The Best Decision For You

Whether your partner has made it through the ups and downs of all three trimesters and your family is complete, or you’re being proactive with your family planning, we're here to support you from final decision to fruition. You know what’s best for you, and we’re here to ensure that following through on your decision is as quick and easy as possible. We know that the idea of needles and scalpels in such a sensitive area is concerning. That’s why our network of doctors perform no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomies!

No Needles!

No Scalpels!

With an over 99.9% success rate, it’s the easy way to do your part. And, the risk of complications is extremely low. A conventional vasectomy uses a scalpel which can damage delicate nerves and blood vessels. Life is full of the unexpected, so it’s nice to know that your most tender bits are treated with care.

Compared to traditional vasectomies, our no-scalpel vasectomy leaves less bruising and swelling. There’s less bleeding both during and after the surgery. The no-scalpel, no-needle method is gentler but just as effective. 4-6 weeks after your vasectomy, your semen will be tested to ensure that the procedure was effective. You can relax and carpe diem knowing that you’ve done your part!

Contact us to find a Gentleman’s Vasectomy certified doctor in your area. We’ll help you get a consultation scheduled, and you’ll be well on your way to peace of